What we do ‘in a nutshell’

  • The Presbyterian Children’s Society exists to support Presbyterian children in Ireland.  It works mainly through Ministers to alleviate poverty and financial hardship for these children and their families.  This is done mainly through regular and exceptional grants. 
  • Regular grants are paid to families on a quarterly basis throughout the year while exceptional grants, are one-off payments made to families as a result of challenging circumstances and immediste financial pressures.
  • The Society is currently assisting approximately 870 children in 450 families in over 200 Congregations throughout Ireland.  
  • We help families with children from a wide range of circumstances including the death of a parent, divorce or separation, parental illness or disability, where a mother is single, where a parent is in hospital or prison and where parents are unemployed or on low income.
  • Families who may be considered eligible for help must be:

Under the pastoral care of their local Presbyterian congregation

Have income within the Society’s income limits (usually this will mean families with average earnings or receiving benefits)

Children are under the age of 23 and currently in either full time or part time education, training or apprenticeship

  • The Society also supports some central Church programmes including funding for some families to attend the PCI Family Holiday.  This will usually only be available to those families who receive our regular help, however some families may be eligible to apply for an Exceptional Grant towards the cost of the holiday. 
  • A Small groups Grant Scheme is offered to congregations to assist them with financial help for a club or organisation which supports children and young people in their congregation.  Similarly, a Small Grant Scheme (additional needs) is also available to support work in congregations with children and young people with additional needs.  
  • Whilst the Society is not under the control of the General Assembly it works closely with the Church through its Ministers.  The Society also works in co-operation with a number of relevant General Assembly councils to ensure congregations have appropriate resources to equip them in supporting families in financial need.
  • The Society has produced a range of resources including DVD's which are available to download.  Our information pack ‘A Journey of Generosity and Giving through the Generations’ is also available to download.  A book about the Society's history can be requested from the Society's office free of charge.  Two sets of eleven pop up stands which tell the story of the Society's history over 150 years are also available (on loan). 
  • The Society is registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (NIC101444) and Scheme No. 58 under the Educational Endowments (Ireland) Act, 1885.  Its audited accounts can be viewed here.